CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – West Virginia was middle of the pack in a recent study that ranked the best and worst states for retired military.

According to the Wallethub ranking, West Virginia was the 20th best state, just on the edge of the top half. Retirement from the military is always difficult, with many retirees facing major struggles including Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, disability and homelessness. These veterans must also consider how state tax policies on military benefits vary, along with the relative friendliness of different job markets and other socioeconomic factors, when choosing a state in which to settle down.

According to the ranking, West Virginia was sixth in the nation for its economic environment for veterans, but lacked in other categories, ranking 39th and 36th for veteran quality of life and healthcare.

Where West Virginia really gives veterans an advantage is on the economic side. This category includes taxes on military pensions, job opportunities for veterans and housing affordability.

According to the ranking, the best states for veterans are Virginia, Florida and Minnesota.

Although red Republican states like West Virginia have a history of military support, the ranking revealed that blue Democratic states are actually slightly better for military retirees.

The worst states for veterans were Washington, D.C., which was very low in veteran quality of life, Nevada, which was near the bottom in healthcare, and Vermont, which was very last for its economic environment for veterans.

To see the full ranking and methodology, click here.