CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Although the formula shortage is hopefully on its way to being resolved with experts saying that the supply could be back to normal as early as July, West Virginians are still crying for help and searching for formula and formula alternatives more than any other state.

According to a study by Organic Baby Formula, in the last month, people in West Virginia were begging for help getting formula via social media. According to Geotagged Twitter data, people in West Virginia have been using the phrases “I can’t find baby formula,” “I need formula,” “formula shelves are empty” and “I don’t have formula” the most. And while the study uses the term “complaints,” some might see these Tweets as cries for help.

Baby formula shortage searches in May 2022 (Courtesy: Organic Baby Formula)

The shelves are looking better after the U.S. received several shipments of formula from overseas, the but formula supply is still not fully replenished, causing families to try to get creative with food options for their babies.

In addition to searching for formula the most, West Virginians searched the most for formula alternatives. More data from Geotagged Twitter showed that West Virginians are also searching for things like “homemade baby formula,” and “baby formula recipe” more than any other state.

Pediatricians have warned against using recipes for baby formula found online without consulting a doctor. There are also some reports of some social media posts containing homemade recipes being blocked for “misinformation,” according to the study.

“Condensed milk doesn’t have the same amount of protein and sugar that comes in breast milk or in formula [and] it has none of the micronutrients,” said Dr. Catherine Mims at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital in an interview with Nexstar affiliate station KFOR.

Other states that searched for formula and formula alternatives the most in the month of May are Kentucky, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa and Louisiana.