CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – According to several categories in a Wallethub study, West Virginia has the lowest ranking economy in the United States.

West Virginia was ranked 49th for economic activity, 42nd for economic health and very last, 51st, for innovation potential. The Mountain State was also ranked very last overall.

According to the ranking, West Virginia has the lowest median annual household income in the country. Its neighbor, Virginia, has the highest, making nearly double that of West Virginia.

West Virginia also had the next to lowest startup activity and 49th lowest independent inventor patents per capita, which accounts for the low ranking in the innovation potential category.

West Virginia also has the next to lowest percentage of high tech jobs, according to the ranking.

Wallethub determined that the best economies in the country were in Washington state, Utah and California. After West Virginia, the worst economies are in Alaska, Louisiana and Hawaii.

To see the full ranking and methodology, click here.