‘The Flatwoods Monster’ documentary sees large audience for premiere

West Virginia

‘The Flatwoods Monster,’ a West Virginia based documentary about a monster sighting in 1952, saw large audiences during opening weekend.  

“We were expecting a decent amount of people, this theater holds 250 people, but we weren’t expecting that many. And by about 6:30 p.m., we had sold every ticket. And I think we ended up having to turn away about 40 people,” said Andrew Smith, executive director of Braxton County CVB.

Director Seth Breedlove and the Small Town Monsters production company made the documentary about a monster sighting back in 1952. 

“The filmmaker reached out to me just to see if I could help get the ball rolling on some things,” said Smith.

Along with reaching out to witnesses, Smith also helped the filmmaker navigate through the Flatwoods Monster Museum. 

“We had such a large collection. We might as well just have a museum. So that’s kinda how it got started and ever since then its just been every day. I can’t believe that amount of people that come to visit,” added Smith.

The museum holds many artifacts from that time and even has monster theme lanterns that one local worked to create. 

“I lived in this area when the monster sighting was, knew some people that saw the monster. We put together a little lantern, a Braxton County monster lantern, and over the years it evolved to a piece of folklore,” said John Gibson, Sutton native. 

Folklore that has brought enthusiasts from far and wide right to Sutton. 

“The locals probably feel this sense of local pride. A lot of people came from out the area to come and be able to see the premiere and so on top of the civic pride, who knows how many people came and spent their money in Braxton County so that’s always great,” said Smith.

“Well it kinda puts us on the map, I mea central West Virginia doesn’t really have a lot to point to and I was really impressed by the film. I hope it’s something that you know will be shown other places,” explained Gibson.

To find out more about the film, visit the website at http://smalltownmonsters.com/.

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