WV Gov. Justice says he doesn’t want to shut anything down, but people must wear masks

West Virginia

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – West Virginia’s governor started his virtual COVID-19 briefing, Wednesday, with a declaration: “Jim Justice does not want to shut anything down in this state.”

“What have I shut down since the initial shutdown? The bars in Mon County and it was a good move, but other than that, what has been shut down? Nothing, zero. Absolutely get that out of your mind, please get that out of your mind,” Justice continued.

In reference to continued concerns of a shutdown, the governor said: “There’s not a thread of me anywhere that has a thought today to shut anything down. Stop this nonsense! We’re not going to shut anything down unless this thing continues to get worse and worse and worse. I don’t believe we’re going to have to take any drastic steps.”

Addressing people who still refuse to wear a mask, Justice said: “if that’s too much for me to ask of you to wear your mask, then it’s just going to be too much. You need to do that to protect your neighbor. It’s not just affecting you, it’s affecting others. What’s the difference of saying ‘if I’m drunk then I ought to be allowed to drive’ or ‘if I couldn’t see, I ought to be able to go just as fast as I want to go at any time on any highway across this state’,” Justice asked.

“Wear your mask, that’s all we’re asking. That’s all in the world we’re asking. That’s it,” Gov. Justice said.

“For those who still absolutely believe that they shouldn’t wear a mask and they’re not going to wear a mask and they’re in defiance I wish to goodness that you would really reconsider,” Justice pleaded.

“For those that believe, well they’d die anyway. I can’t get through that argument with somebody. It’s just not even fathomable that they could think that,” continued the governor.

“We can’t have a food fight over something as simple as this egg-suckin’ mask. For now the only ammunition in the gun, the only thing you got is the mask,” summed up Gov. Justice.

Talking about sports, Justice said: “Nobody could love it more than me, but at the end of the day sports have got to take a backseat to what’s going on here.”

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