GRANTSVILLE, W.Va. (WBOY) — A cat was rescued on Wednesday evening in Calhoun County after being stuck in a chimney for three days.

The cat, named Pedals, was extricated by the Grantsville Volunteer Fire Department who had to remove a few bricks from the chimney after previous attempts to lure the cat out using sardines and other food were unsuccessful.

Pedals the cat
Eight-year-old cat Pedals got his name because he used to pedal his feet in the air like he was riding a bicycle when he was young. (Courtesy Thomas McVey)

Pedals belongs to Thomas McVey of Fayette County, a traveling nurse for Roane General Hospital, who rents a house in Grantsville with his wife. McVey said he noticed the cat go up into the chimney on Monday evening.

“This was actually his first time at the rental house that my wife and I are renting, but he’s never done this type of behavior before,” Mcvey said in an interview with 12 News. “He just got in the chimney, looked up and made his way north.”

The chimney had an unusual bend which kept Pedals from finding his way out. McVey said after about an hour of trying to coax the cat down with treats he started doing research online which directed him to try contacting local authorities. That’s when Fire Chief David Johnson got the call from animal control.

“Control called me and said, ‘you’ve heard of a cat in stuck in a tree right? How about a chimney?'” Johnson said. “It was a first for me to have a cat stuck in a chimney.”

Pedals the cat after being rescued from the chimney, he is held by volunteer fireman Jon Fleagle
Pedals the cat after being rescued from the chimney, he is held by volunteer fireman Jon Fleagle (Courtesy David Johnson)

On Monday the department tried to lure the cat down with food. On Tuesday the snow on the ground made the VFD hesitate to set up a ladder to the roof. On Wednesday they were able to set up a ladder and look down the chimney. They spotted the cat who appeared quite calm according to Johnson. The department then removed a few bricks and was able to lift the cat out.

“He was pretty happy. He didn’t seem to mind being helped,” Johnson said.

After Pedals was freed, the department sent this picture to McVey to let him know his pet was safe and sound.

“Honestly, I can’t thank the Grantsville Volunteer Fire Department enough,” McVey said. “They came out three days in a row, three separate times, and I just don’t think you would get that type of dedication anywhere else. I mean, this is a very, very small town. They were definitely committed to their jobs, which is incredible. They saved my cat.”

According to McVey, Pedals is doing well now and is catching up on meals after not having anything to eat between Monday and Wednesday. McVey said the chimney has now been blocked off, but Pedals has lost his privileges to stay at the rental, at least for now.

  • Pedals the cat
  • Pedals the cat