CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — The United States has seen a welcomed drop in gas prices over the past month, but the prices seem to be dropping more slowly in West Virginia.

According to AAA, as of Wednesday, the national average price of regular gas per gallon was $4.63, down two cents from Tuesday, 15 cents from last week and 38 cents from a month ago.

By comparison, West Virginia’s gas prices have also been trending downward, but for the past week, West Virginia’s average prices have been higher than the national average. For most of the spring, West Virginia’s prices usually averaged about five to 10 cents less than the national average; a month ago, the West Virginia average was 10 cents less than the national average.

As of Tuesday, the average price of regular gas per gallon in West Virginia was $4.67, down one cent from Tuesday, nine cents from last week and 23 cents in the past month.

But will West Virginia’s gas price drop catch up with the national average? According to AAA’s gas prices by state map, counties in West Virginia that were first to see massive price increases, such as the eastern panhandle and counties around the border of the state, are also the counties that are seeing the fastest price drop, now. So, hopefully, West Virginia’s middle counties, such as Ritchie, Doddridge, Gilmer, Clay and Roane which are still seeing prices near or above $4.90, will follow the national trend.

As of Wednesday, the average in South Carolina and Georgia are the lowest in the country at $4.14. As expected, California still has the highest prices in the country at $6.02, the only state averaging more than $6.