CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — A new survey from real estate company Malibu real estate agents showed the homeownership rates of each state using census data on housing units, owner-occupied units and total population to find out which states have the largest percentage of homeowners.

Main ranked the best in the country with a homeownership rate of 32.71%, and West Virginia was second best with a homeownership rate of 32.15.

The two worst states for homeownership were California (18.35%) and Hawaii (19.36%).

StatePopulationTotal Housing UnitsTotal Occupied UnitsNumber of Owner-Occupied Housing UnitsHomeownership rate
1Maine1,338,404745,334 576,888.52 437,858.38 32.71% 
2West Virginia1,805,832 858,481 734,859.74 580,539.19 32.15% 
3Vermont626,299 336,779 272,117.43 201,094.78 32.11%
4Wyoming577,737 274,371 242,818.34 175,072.02 30.30%
5Missouri6,126,452 2,807,6042,549,304.43 1,855,893.63 30.29%
Top five US states with the highest homeownership rate