CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WBOY) — Former President Donald Trump was indicted in New York City Thursday evening on yet unspecified criminal charges and political figures are weighing in, including republican West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice.

Thursday night Gov. Justice posted an official statement on Facebook saying “My statement on the witch hunt and political indictment of my friend, President Donald J. Trump:”

TRULY, what has happened to OUR America?

I am so sorrowed about the lack of respect shown toward the commitment and accomplishments that President Trump has given us.

I am so sorrowed at the witch hunt on President Trump and his entire family.

I am so sorrowed at the lack of respect toward us — OUR America.

Mr. President, Melania, and all the Trump Family (especially my huntin’ buddies Don Jr. and Eric): Thank you from all of us. You shook up the world and invaded the liberal playhouse. I have always treasured our friendships and will never waiver. Pour it on CHAMP!

Gov. Justice has not made any official announcements but in November 2022, he said he was “seriously considering” a run for Joe Manchin’s (D, WV) seat in the United States Senate. Earlier this month he said “I know I’d win. That’s all there is to it,” on “Fox & Friends” during a live interview when the topic of a hypothetical senate run was brought up.