WASHINGTON, DC (WBOY) — Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) addressed reporters from his home state via Zoom Wednesday for the first time since announcing he would not seek re-election to the Senate.

Most of the questions Manchin fielded were about his political future and whether he would seek a third-party run for the White House.

Manchin has said he wants to travel the country, holding town halls and visiting coffee shops, gaging whether there’s a groundswell of support for a more centrist political movement.

When asked point blank if he wanted to be President of the United States, Manchin answered that he had no “burning desire” to win the Oval Office.

“I have an unbelievable burning desire to save the nation,” Manchin said. “If they said ‘you’re the only person who could do it,’ I would do whatever I can to save this nation.”

Manchin made similar remarks in an NBC “Meet the Press” interview Wednesday morning, saying he said he would “absolutely” consider running for president.

He also strongly criticized both former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden for catering to the “extreme” wings of their respective parties.

“I think there’s other people, other movements that have to figure out—they’ve got to get off their cans and start doing something,” Manchin said. “Because these parties have taken over to where they’ve weaponized us against each other.”

Manchin has been linked to the No Labels organization, which is attempting to assemble an alternative presidential ticket to the two major party front-runners.