West Virginians would give 3 years of life for alcohol

West Virginia

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Study shows that the average West Virginian would rather give 3 years of their life than not be able to consume alcohol.

Number of year each state would trade for alcohol (AAC photo)

Alcohol.org, a subsidiary of the American Addiction Center, Inc. (AAC), conducted a survey of 3,700 people that determined the number of years, on average, that residents in each state would trade to continue being able to consume alcohol.

The survey revealed that, on average, that all states would give at least 1 year of their life for alcohol. West Virginia was near the median number of years at 3, while Oklahoma would only sacrifice 1 year and several states, including South Carolina, Nevada and Idaho, would give 5.

These results were released alongside CDC information about the harmful effects of alcohol. According to the CDC, over 95,000 people die in the U.S. every year from excessive alcohol use; that is 261 deaths per day on average.

Excessive alcohol consumption also cost Americans over $249 billion dollars in 2010.

Rather than considering these statistics, many Americans choose to ignore the harmful effects of alcohol. 30% of respondents from the survey reveals that they often ignore studies about the health risks of alcohol. And almost 50% of respondents believed that drinking moderately has health benefits.

Of this half that believes in the benefits of alcohol, 89% believed that wine was the most beneficial alcoholic beverage.

For more information about the harmful effects of alcohol, click here. For an alcoholism self-assessment test, click here.

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