CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WOWK) — West Virginia has one of the shortest tallest buildings in the United States.

West Virginia’s largest building is the State Capitol, reaching a height of 292 feet. There are only seven states with shorter tallest buildings. These include Vermont, Wyoming, South Dakota, Maine, North Dakota, Montana and New Hampshire. According to the West Virginia Legislature, the West Virginia State Capitol building is around 4 1/2 feet taller than the U.S. Capitol building in D.C.

To reach the height of the tallest building in the U.S.—One World Trade Center which sits at an astounding 1,776 feet—you would have to stack just over six West Virginia State Capitol buildings. If you want the West Virginia State Capitol building to become the largest in the world, you would have to stack almost nine-and-a-half buildings to reach the top of the 2,722-foot-tall Burj Khalifa, a skyscraper in Dubai.

Heights of the West Virginia State Capitol building, One World Trade Center and the Burj Khalifa (Graph by Isaac Taylor; Vectors courtesy of Adobe Stock)

But how tall is the West Virginia State Capitol building compared to things we may see every day?

If you’re looking to make a lifesize replica of the 292-foot-tall capitol building, it is the same height as 9,271 LEGO bricks, according to Omni Calculator’s Weird Units Converter. It is also the same height as 5,933 slices of bread, 1,561 doughnuts and 16.2 giraffes. The capitol building is also only slightly taller than the Statue of Liberty! You would need to stack either 59.3 Danny DeVitos or 43 LeBron James’ to reach the top of the building, if you needed to know that.

The West Virginia State Capitol building has a storied history that includes moving around the state multiple times and two devastating fires.

The State Capitol building has moved back and forth from Wheeling to Charleston since the state’s founding on June 20, 1863. West Virginia General Services said the capitol was originally in Wheeling from 1863 to 1870. The building was moved back to Wheeling in 1875 after a five-year stint in downtown Charleston. It stayed in Wheeling for another 10 years when it was moved back to Charleston in 1885.

Famously, on Jan. 3, 1921, the State Capitol—which was located on Capitol Street in downtown Charleston—was destroyed by a fire so a make-shift “Pasteboard Capitol” was used. In 1927, this building was destroyed by a fire.

After these two fires, the State Capitol building was finally finished with then-Governor William G. Conley dedicating the building on June 20, 1932, the state’s 69th birthday, according to West Virginia General Services.

Nowadays, you can see the West Virginia State Capitol on Kanawha Boulevard East right on the Kanawha River.