CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — Somehow, we’re only a few days away from the new year, and a new year means another round of one of the best traditions in West Virginia — monster festivals.

It’s not uncommon for these festivals to attract thousands of visitors from across the state and even across the county, so if you plan on staying in the area, you’ll definitely want to make any bookings as early as possible.

Here is a brief list of some of the biggest cryptid and monster festivals in West Virginia as well as when and where they will be taking place. If there are any we missed, let us know on Facebook!

Mothman Festival 2023

  • When: Sept. 16-17, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Where: Point Pleasant, Main Street
Mothman statue at Point Pleasant, West Virginia (WBOY image)

This festival is held every year to commemorate the original Mothman sighting in 1966 that spawned the global myth. This year’s festival will be held on Sept. 16-17 and is expected to hit full swing at around 10 a.m. Parking is free, though finding somewhere to park any time after noon can be challenging, so if you show up later in the day, come prepared to walk to the main body of the festival. There are also plenty of vendors so be sure to bring cash as not every stall will take credit cards.

Admission is free, though there are activities at the festival that have admission fees, such as the Mothman Museum. If you’d like to learn more information about the event, you can find the Mothman festival website here.

Flatwoods Monster Convention

  • When: Sept. 9
  • Where: Flatwoods Convention Center

While not many specific details are known about the Flatwoods Monster Convention yet, the official Facebook page for the event says that it will feature “renowned speakers,” remote broadcasting podcasters, lots of vendors, a costume contest and more. No start time has been officially announced.

West Virginia Bigfoot Festival

  • When: June 23-24
  • Where: Downtown Sutton
Display of casts inside the WV Bigfoot Museum (WBOY image)

The West Virginia Bigfoot Festival is an annual event that was first held in 2021 to celebrate the opening of the new West Virginia Bigfoot Museum. The event will feature vendors, Bigfoot researchers, speakers, food, art and the Bigfoot Museum itself.

The museum will be setting up a contact email soon for people interested in becoming a vendor.

Lurch Fest

  • When: First week of August
  • Where: Phillippi, in front of the Barbour County Historical Museum
Lurch Fest 2022 in Philippi W.Va. (WBOY image)

Lurch Fest is a day that’s dedicated to Lurch from The Addams Family and the actor who portrayed him, Ted Cassidy, who grew up in Phillippi, West Virginia. The festival is full of many kinds of local vendors, craft beer and live music.

While there is no set date yet for Lurch Fest 2023, the festival is usually held on the first weekend of August.

There is also a museum dedicated to Ted Cassidy and Lurch that contains a statue of Lurch, Cassidy’s old piano book and a collection of newspaper clippings and photographs from Cassidy’s time at the local high school basketball team.

Lurch Fest is also a free event that is open to all. For updates on next year’s Lurch Fest, keep an eye on the Barbour County Historical Museum Facebook page.