HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WOWK) — Residents in the Mountain State who were expecting Sheetz’s $1.99 E-88 gas deal are in for a letdown.

This deal was supposed to start Monday, Nov. 21, but it won’t be happening in the Mountain State due to a West Virginia law.

The law states it’s “unlawful for a retail station to sell motor fuel below cost.” This rule is in place to ensure one company doesn’t monopolize over others.  

Still, one resident, Rachel Shaner, says that deal would have saved her money on her typically $30 fill-up.

“I’m a college student and, you know, I don’t get paid as much as I should so it does take a lot out of my account to fill up,” Shaner said.

Another resident says the rising prices already “take a toll.”

“My family lives three hours away and we’re traveling there for Thanksgiving and Christmas so yeah, it takes a toll on the pocketbook,” Carla Snell said.

Still, AAA sais it expects a record number of people on the roads this week even with the higher gas prices.

“We are seeing a record high price for thanksgiving gas prices. However, nearly 49 million Americans are still going to be traveling by car despite the high gas prices,” said Tiffany Stanley, the Spokesperson for AAA East Central.

She also advises doing research before hitting the roads to have an idea of what the best place is to stop for gas.