Wild dogs causing problems in Montgomery

West Virginia

MONTGOMERY, W.Va. (WOWK) – The City of Montgomery, West Virginia is experiencing an unusual problem.

We’re talking about wild dogs. Residents said the pack of wild dogs has been running around, killing small animals, even some people’s pets. Now the city is taking action.

“A wild pack of dogs running here in town. They’re killing other animals targeting cats, smaller dogs. And they’re a pretty vicious pack of aminals,” said Mayor Greg Ingram.

Ingram said he’s gotten numerous complaints about them. “We had people come to council meetings, some of them in tears, some of them very upset because their pet got tore up in front of their eyes.”

One of those people is Kerry Bingaman, and she said one day she woke up to a commotion.

“It sounded like large objects being moved around and I heard a cat and I have cats of my own so I thought maybe something was going on downstairs, and I came down and I looked out the door and I saw two dead cats on my porch,” said Bingaman.

She then realized what had happened, “I looked out my window and there was a pack of probably 5 to 8 dogs running away.”

The city said they have tried everything to control the dogs, but finally had to take some desperate action.

“So what we did was we resorted into getting a tranquilizer gun. And we bought the gun. We practiced, we trained with it. And we have Fayette County Animal Shelter, thank god for them they’ve been wonderful, and they’re a no-kill type shelter. So now we tranquilize the dogs, and take them to the animal shelter,” said Ingram.

A sigh of relief for the community and people like Bingaman.

“I’m just really glad that they’re finally taking the initiative to get it taken care of. It’s really hard for everybody,” said Bingaman.

Mayor Ingram adds that if you do run into one of the wild dogs do not approach them and contact the Montgomery Police Department.

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