WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — If you need help in West Virginia, there’s a tool you can get to that’s as easy as dialing three numbers. 

West Virginia 211 gives anyone access either over the phone or online to hundreds of services that can help with things like utility assistance, rent assistance, food pantries, disaster relief services or even home repair for those who aren’t able to do it themselves.

If you call that number in the Northern Panhandle, you may be speaking to Melynda Sampson. She was recently named the 211 resource specialist for the Northern Region and she works with the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley.

She said she wants to update the database, so she can direct callers to the best resources.

Anybody in the state of West Virginia can call, text, chat. So, I’m not only working with the people in this region. I may be talking to someone from Kanawah County. The information I give them is only as good as the database we’re looking at. So, I’m trying to update the database, talk to different agencies in this area, and make sure all of the information we have is current and relevant.

Melynda Sampson, WV 211 Resource Specialist for the Northern Region

Sampson said there’s another new resource available called 211 Counts. It gives real-time data to learn what the needs are in the Mountain State. 

It tells you how many people have called for different needs, how many people have called for different programs. It goes by income level. It goes by county, so you can really kind of narrow it down to what you need for your information.

Melynda Sampson, WV 211 Resource Specialist for the Northern Region

If you are in need of some type of assistance, call 211 for help. You can also call 833-848-9905.

You can access the real-time data at wv.211counts.org

Sampson said West Virginia 211 is not just for low-income assistance, it’s for anyone looking for some type of resource. Visit the resource directory online at wv211.org.