CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – West Virginia’s Attorney General Patrick Morrisey issued a statement about President Biden’s plan to make a federal mandate on COVID-19 vaccines.  

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey

Morrisey said in the statement that broad vaccine mandates and vaccine passport requirements, especially those without exceptions, may offend:  

  • Constitutional interests in personal medical decision-making;
  • The sacred constitutional right to religious freedom; and
  • Fundamental rights to assemble, vote, petition, and generally engage as a member of civil society.

The statement also said that laws or policies, whether passed by a state, county or city entity – requiring all government employees to be COVID vaccinated – would violate the state constitution, as well as state and federal laws.

“There should be no reason for hesitation in passing a ban on vaccine mandates or passport requirements or, at a minimum, requiring religious or medical exemptions in such requirements,” Morrisey said. “President Biden has shown us the pathway of what not to do. We need to encourage and suggest, but not mandate, our way to public health. I will be in litigation against the Biden Administration very soon to protect West Virginians from this historic overreach.”
The 21-page letter expresses concern that vaccine mandates or passports instituted by a private employer may violate federal and state anti-discrimination laws, especially if exceptions for religious and disability-based objections are not provided for.

Read the Attorney General’s full opinion here.