CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Officers with the Capitol Police recently helped a man stranded in West Virginia reunite with his family in Alabama.

According to a report from the WV Department of Homeland Security, on Oct. 5, a man was found sleeping outside on Capitol grounds with his small dog by Capitol Police wherein they learned that the man had been sleeping outdoors due to not being able to access his funds so he could purchase an airline ticket home to Alabama.

While Capitol Police searched for the man’s family members in Alabama, they helped ensure that the man was fed, and they arranged for temporary housing for him and his dog, the report states.

Upon making contact with his family, family members expressed “concern and confusion about how the man ended up in West Virginia.” 

Coordinating with the man’s family, he was able travel safely home, but his dog was not able to travel. The dog is currently staying with a member of the Capitol Police and will be transported to Alabama in the near future.

“The integrity shown by my guys was just another example of what I see them do everyday,” said Kevin Foreman, director of Capitol Police. “From helping someone navigate the capitol grounds to helping someone in need find their way home, these officers show their integrity and good character every day when they come to work.”