CHARLESTON, W.Va. – West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice announced on Wednesday that West Virginians who purchase their 2021 hunting and fishing licenses will be entered into a contest where they could win a free lifetime license.

According to a press release from Gov. Justice’s office, anyone who purchases a 2021 Class X, Class XJ, Class XP, Class X3 and Class XP3 license in the month of December will automatically be entered to win one of two grand prizes of a free lifetime license, one of four vacation getaways at a West Virginia state park, or one of eight West Virginia Division of Natural Resources gift bags.

“The possibility of picking up all of these prizes, but especially the lifetime license, is big-time in West Virginia,” Gov. Justice said. “We encourage everyone to sign up and get your hunting and fishing license for the upcoming year.”

The release stated that this year, new licenses will be available to purchase for the first time. Those licenses include the X Plus (Class XP), an annual license that also includes the trout stamp, the X 3-Year (Class X3), a three-year Sportsman license and the X Plus 3-Year (Class XP3), a three-year Sportsman license that also includes the trout stamp.

West Virginians who purchase a 2021 Class X3 or Class XP3 license during the contest will receive three entries into the lifetime license giveaway and will also have the yearly transaction fees from years two and three excluded from the price, according to the release.

“I am a real hunter and a real fisherman and I have done that my entire life. I still try to follow a bird dog around and chase a grouse here and there. I still try to crawl around and catch a little native Brook Trout. I can never tell you what a joy it has been, through my life, to be in the woods, to be on our waters, and to enjoy West Virginia,” Gov. Justice said. “It’s been a tremendous blessing and I would tell everyone out there, for crying out loud, get yourselves out and enjoy the outdoors in this phenomenal state. Take a kid and introduce him or her into something that will instill a calmness and beautifulness in their hearts and memories forever.”

“I want to thank the Governor for all that he’s done to help us promote outdoor recreation during this pandemic,” said DNR Director Stephen McDaniel. “He’s continued to encourage West Virginians to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, and we’ve seen more folks doing so than ever before.  It’s truly been unbelievable to see the participation continue to grow on our public lands and see more and more folks introduced to the amazing outdoor recreation we have available in our own backyard.”

The release stated that license sales began on Dec. 1, and those who purchase a 2021 Class X, Class XJ, Class XP, Class X3 or Class XP3 license before Jan. 1, 2021, either online at or through a licensed retailer, will be automatically entered to win. The prize drawing is sponsored by the West Virginia DNR and the West Virginia Tourism office, according to the release

Officials said that the prizes include a Lifetime Sportsman Hunting, Trapping and Fishing License (Class AB-L), four overnight stays at West Virginia State Parks and eight gift bags filled with exclusive West Virginia Gold Rush merchandise. Winners will be announced in early January, the release stated.

To view prize descriptions, learn how to purchase a license as a gift, or see complete contest rules, visit The WVDNR reminds West Virginians to follow all hunting, fishing, and trapping regulations and to always practice safety when engaging in outdoor activities.

In addition to the announcement of the contest, Gov. Justice took a moment to thank all West Virginians who registered for organ donation when purchasing their hunting and fishing licenses in the past year.

The release also stated that December 11 will mark the one-year-anniversary of the state’s partnership with CORE (Center for Organ Recovery and Information.) The partnership between the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources and CORE has allowed more than 25,000 West Virginians to register for organ donation when they purchase a hunting and fishing license, according to the release.

“When West Virginia, one year ago, provided an organ donation option in it’s hunting and fishing license application, this state was one of the first to do so, solidifying its position as a leader in organ donation,” said Colleen Sullivan, Director of Communications for CORE. “Today…we’re celebrating the partnership between CORE, Donate Life West Virginia, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, and Governor Justice, which made this registration option even possible.

“We are also celebrating the 25,000 West Virginians who have chosen to hunt, fish, donate life, and have signed up to be organ donors when buying these licenses,” Sullivan continued. “We are celebrating the thousands of lives potentially saved and healed with each of those registrations…and, most importantly, we’re giving hope to the 500 West Virginians who are, right now, waiting for a life-saving transplant.”