CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — West Virginia’s Governor Jim Justice plans to hold a summit with legislative leaders on Monday to discuss three different bills to eventually eliminate the state’s personal income tax.

The three different versions layout cutting the state income tax over various amounts of time and raise the state sales tax by different percentages.

Governor Justice hopes leaders can merge their ideas together into just one bill. But what do lawmakers think about this summit?

“Republicans at least are all in the same boat and want to get rid of the income tax. I am not entirely sure if the governor’s plan is the best course of action, but I think members of the house and senate will always be able to engage in conversations,” said Delegate Joshua Higginbotham, (R) Putnam.

But some democrats disagree.

“Our Republican Governor now has a supermajority in the house and the senate. And they have known this since election night back in November. You would think they would have something together before the session started,” said Delegate Mike Pushkin, (D) Kanawha.

Due to the timing of this summit, some lawmakers believe this may not happen.

“But after five years in office, the governor should know that on day 55 at 12 noon…we are going to be in session,” said Delegate Pushkin.

There are just six days left in the legislative session… and if the income tax issue isn’t settled by then.. a special session could be a possibility