CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — More than 8,000 West Virginians were mailed checks in the first group of unclaimed property checks through the West Virginia Cash Now program, State Treasurer Riley Moore announced in a press release Monday.

Those checks total more than $4.2 million, according to the release.

West Virginia Cash Now is a new, automated system that Moore’s office is using to send unclaimed property to its rightful owners without requiring them to fill out paperwork.

“What I would like to tell everybody who is receiving a check from our new cash now program is that this is not a scam, this is real. Sometimes when we send out checks, I know people are like, ‘Is this real?’ Yes, it is very real, there is a letter from me, a check from my office , and it is because you have unclaimed property with us and we are returning it to you,” said Moore.

That unclaimed property can include uncashed checks, refunds, stocks or safe deposit box contents.

Moore said in the release that his Unclaimed Property Division has more than 3 million listings valued at more than $300 million and that the most common type of claim is individual property owners with claim amounts ranging from $100 to less than $5,000.

Those with claims of $5,000 or more will still have to file paperwork with the West Virginia State Treasurer’s Office to claim their property.

This comes after Moore’s office mailed letters to potential recipients in July to notify them they should be receiving a check through the new program, and to verify addresses. Letters that came back undeliverable were removed from the West Virginia Cash Now check distribution, according to the release.

Moore said West Virginians who received a letter in July should be on the lookout for their checks and be assured the program is not a fraud.

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To check if you have unclaimed property in the West Virginia State Treasurer’s Office’s Unclaimed Property Division, click here and then click on the “Search” button.