CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The West Virginia Division of Highways (DOH) is fighting the always prevalent threat of rust by undercoating state vehicles.
“I chased snowplows most of my career,” said Kevin Linger, anti-corrosion manager for the DOH Equipment Division in Buckhannon. “The biggest problem we see is rust.”
Linger, a DOH mechanic of 20 years, helped set up a program four years ago to undercoat DOH road equipment, extending the lifespan of equipment and saving money.

The anti-rust, anti-corrosion coating used is a product called Fluid Film, designed to treat the undersides of road equipment.

Every new vehicle that comes through the gates is undercoated .

The Equipment Division of the DOH are have been able to undercoat approximately 500 vehicles each year with the help of two travelling truck-mounted spraying units.