CHARLESTON, W.Va. – As elections approach, the West Virginia Department of Transportation has to remove political signs from state roadways. According to West Virginia law, it is illegal to put political campaign signs on state rights-of-way.

Rights-of-way are areas of land that are cleared for people to cross; state-owned rights-of-way include roadways, such as shoulders and medians, footpaths that are owned by the state, like rail and river trails, and railroads.

Department of Transportation said that its workers around the state are removing any campaign signs found in such areas. Confiscated signs will be temporarily stored at county highway offices until they are picked up by the candidates or their representatives.

According to the WVDOT, if you put a political sign on state rights-of-way, you can be charged with a misdemeanor, fined up to $100 per day and be charged the cost of removing the signs by the DOT.

This does not include signs placed on private property that is next to a road.