WESTON, W.Va. – The city of Weston received a $300,000 federal grant to remove dilapidated houses in various locations around the city.

Weston Code Enforcement Officer Marty Lewis said the city hopes to remove 10 to 12 houses using the funding, but the number of houses removed will depend on the size of each house.

Lewis said the dilapidated houses are unsafe, but also an ‘attractive nuisance’, which attracts children, and can lead to accidents.

“They’re an eyesore to the whole city, as they are everywhere around the state. If we can get them down, we can clean the lots up. We can have either nicely grass lots, that then are eligible to be sold, or we could in-fill with some housing, and give people a nice safe place to live,” said Lewis.

Lewis said due to paperwork and bidding, it will still take some time to get the structures down, and estimates another 30 days from Oct. 6 before the first house may come down.