WV Fitness has new online workouts available for members


BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – Many local businesses are taking a financial hit because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Employees at WV Fitness 24 in Bridgeport are working hard day in and day out to provide resources for their members to maintain their activity at home.

The gym, that is normally open 24/7, created an active online website providing one on one coaching, live steaming of classes, and at home workout tutorials that people can watch and participate with from the comfort of their homes. Members of WV Fitness can now create an account on their new website to access several of these at home work out options.

“We have body weight workouts on there, and we have banded workouts,” said manager Nolan Tucci. “We’re also offering plates if needed and we will sanitize them before and after. And we also will be offering kids workouts, too.”​

The gym partnered with Fitness on Demand to provide pre-made workouts for members of all ages. As time goes on, trainers at the gym will continue to put together work outs themselves for their members they train on a regular basis.

WV Fitness wanted to find a way to get involved with the community because they know everyone is to some extent struggling right now. They know adults might have lost their gym, but they also recognize that children, too, have lost P.E. class, making it harder for kids to be active day to day.

Also, moving forward the website will have more interactive components on the page including competitions, and challenges where people at home can participate by sending in videos of themselves to be posted.

“Like I said, we’re all trying to make this a good experience for everyone. So, they can still get their work outs done at home, outside wherever they’ll be,” said Tucci.

The gym also reached out to local restaurants that may be facing difficulty right now, too. They will try to post menus of all the healthy food options at local Bridgeport restaurants. This way they can provide healthy meal options during your quarantine, and lend a helping hand to other businesses that may be in need.

“Our biggest thing is to stick with us, and stick together. Take it day by day, and week by week, and continue with the support, everyone has been great with supporting. So like I said, we’re just asking for help from everyone, so we can get through this,” said Tucci.

WV Fitness online classes will be a free tool for members to use now, but it will be something they continue to utilize and post on. To access now, you go to the website to sign up. As a bonus, if you continue to keep your membership in the future this tool will remain free for life.

To learn more, visit WV Fitness Facebook page, or the WV Fitness 24 website and go to “members login.”​

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