West Virginia University kicked off its inaugural Research Week Monday morning with its annual Academic Media Day.  

Researchers from around campus discussed their work with media from across the state. The session focused on the variety of ways a changing climate is impacting us here in West Virginia. Engineers, hydrologists, dendrologists, and others from across the university presented their work on climate change’s effect on water, forests, public health and other areas.

WVU wanted to spotlight their research as a R1 research university, meaning they are doing one of the highest levels of research in the country.

“Sometimes people think that research is a guy in a lab in a white coat,” said John A. Bolt, Senior Executive Director of the University Relations Office of Communications. ”But the research really is important to the everyday lives of people and we want help get that story out and show it is actually important to the way we live our lives.”

WBOY will be giving you a closer look into the research done at WVU and their facilities in the coming weeks. 

Featured speakers were: 

Nic Zegre director, WVU Mountain Hydrology Laboratory

Amy Hessl, professor, Department of Geology and Geography

Antar Jutla, associate professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Fred King, vice president for research

James Wood, interim director, WVU Energy Institute

Robert Duval, professor, School of Public Health

Richard Thomas, professor and chair, Department of Biology

Edward Brzostek, assistant professor, Department of Biology