After seven months of renovations, WVU Medicine United Hospital Center has opened its newest regional outpatient clinic in Weston.  

Families in Lewis, Upshur and the surrounding counties will have better access to specialists and services with the new clinic, and officials said the services provided are tailored to the community’s needs.  These services include ENT and audiology, infectious diseases, infusion center, oncology and much more. 

“Our mission as a community hospital is to improve access and improve care coordination for our patients.  When we look at some of the problems that our patients have had, one of the key things is access,” said UHC Practice Administrator Owais Rafique.

UHC will be able to provide specialists and services to the Weston clinic and work alongside Community Care of West Virginia, which provides primary and urgent care service.  

“There are a lot of people that are either too sick to travel or they don’t have any financial resources.  We come here and provide the same care that they are going to get anywhere else,” said UHC Oncologist Dr. Shamsher Ali.

The clinic is open to patients Monday through Friday at the new facility located in the Stonewall Commons in Weston.