WEST UNION, W.Va. (WBOY) — Despite the error on the Doddridge County Board of Education ballot during the early election period in May, the Board of Education is still finding a way to continue to work.

On June 5, the Doddridge County Board of Education held an executive session with an attorney to discuss how to move forward. The meeting comes on the heels of the decision that the Doddridge County Commission made on June 27 to overturn the results of the election after a petition from candidate Bonnie Davis.

Order from the Doddridge County Commission (WBOY – Image).

According to Doddridge County Board of Education President, Denver Burnside, the executive session was in place to discuss their legal responsibilities, reorganization, and the Secretary of State’s information on the matter.

“I wanted the whole board to hear what the attorney had to say, so we brought her up from Lewisburg on Tuesday and went into executive session for legal matters,” Doddridge County Board of Education President Denver Burnside, said. “I just wanted (the board) to be on the same page.”

Burnside added that this situation is unprecedented for a board of education to deal with in West Virginia.

“This has never happened in the state’s board of education election being challenged, other (races) have been challenged, but never (the) board of education,” Burnside said. “After consoling with the Secretary of State, there’s something they call a continuance of government and that means our board could not function unless it had a five-member board, so the Secretary of State gave permission for the three incumbents that were elected in the spring to serve until they redo the election in November.”

The Doddridge County Board of Education seats will be on the General Ballot on November 8. Only the candidates that have their Certificate of Announcement will be placed on the ballot.

Sample Ballot from the Early Election Period (WBOY – Image)

The board currently consists of the same candidates that served before the election took place. The candidates that were originally chosen in the election before the results were overturned were already incumbents.

Even if Davis gets elected in November, Burnside doesn’t see a major wrench thrown into their work.

“It doesn’t mess up a whole lot,” he said. “We’ll just see if Mrs. Davis would be elected and then she’s the only one not on the board right now and we would have to reorganize again in November.”

Despite the complex situation the Board of Education was put into, they’re just looking to continue their work for the county.

“Right now, we’re just going business as usual. Take it one day at a time,” Burnside said. “We crossed the hurdle of reorganizing and you know getting the board set to operate until November 8 and we’ll see what happens then and go from there.”