FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) – Marion County saw a large voter turnout for the midterm elections with 44.62%, or 36,396 of registered voters, casting a ballot. The Marion County Clerk Julie Kincaid is proud of that number, but the election came with some hiccups.  

“The way that the new machines work, the paper ballot drops into it and goes into a bin in the back, so we’ve begun to find out if the paper is not completely flat it can begin to curl and once it falls down into the back then it can prevent other ballots from getting down in,” Kincaid said.  

Voting machine in Marion County (WBOY Image)

This election was the second time these machines were used by the county. Kincaid said they had fewer problems with them in the primary and more this midterm election.  

“Thankfully, it was just very, very small things today and everything went fairly smoothly,” she said.   

Poll workers corrected the issue by making sure the papers were clear before they put another in and the clerk’s office will now be taking some proactive measures before elections.   

“We are making sure we store the cardstock in a place with absolutely no humidity because that was in essence what made it start to curl,” Kincaid said. 

Marion County Ballot sample (WBOY Image)

The machine issues only caused minor delays for voters at only a few precincts.  

After the polls closed, some other problems came up. Kincaid also said some poll workers had trouble closing out the new machines which caused results to be posted later than usual for the county this midterm election.  

Out of the 77 precincts in the county, Kincaid said very few ran across these issues and that she is proud of her team for their hard work throughout the entire day and night.