MANNINGTON, W.Va. — An official challenge was brought before Mannington’s City Council regarding the results of June 1st’s municipal election. In the end, the council voted to uphold the election’s results, keeping Tim Fluharty’s victory intact without a run-off.

Randy Luna (right, in navy) challenged the election results after finishing three votes behind Fluharty (left, in orange).

Luna’s concerns came from a claim that Fluharty’s wife, Heather, the city’s assistant clerk, worked the ballot box during the early voting period for the election; witnesses that testified in Monday’s meeting verified that claim. The issues raised by Luna was from a law in the office of the Secretary of State’s guidelines about election integrity which stated that family members of candidates cannot be a poll worker. Despite the evidence that proved that law had been broken, the council voted to focus on correcting the misstep in future elections, rather than revising the previous one.

“Well, I hope we learned a lesson, if there was a lesson to be learned. And I think we’ll double check and recheck all of our poll workers in the future,” said Mayor Lora Michael.

As mayor, Michael did not have a vote, and was not a part of executive session when council deliberated the decision. However, she was content that Luna’s concerns were brought up in a “fair trial” before a city attorney, and that the matter could be put in the past.