The WBOY Olympic Trivia sweepstakes, brought to you by Salem University, has ended!

Congratulations to the winners of each daily prize – an IHOP gift voucher valued at $25!

Round 1: Laura Porter, Fairmont WV

Round 2: Brian Moudry, Elkins WV

Round 3: Michelle Foy, Bellington WV

Round 4: Susan Anglin, Philippi WV

Round 5: Donna Dolan, Clarksburg WV

Round 6: Steve Lasko, Clarksburg WV

Round 7: Beth Hern, Gypsy WV

Round 8: Donna Dolan, Clarksburg WV

Round 9: Nick Cinalli, Fairmont WV

Round 10: Bruce Bennett, Morgantown WV

Round 11: Carla Townley, Clarksburg WV

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