CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — It’s time to take advantage of the colder weather by sitting down with a mug of something warm and watching a classic holiday movie, even if it’s for the 20th time because it never gets old.

If you want to see what we’ll be watching, here are 12 News’ favorite holiday and Christmas movies:

Evening Anchor Don Graye likes “Die Hard”, because “Yes, it’s a Christmas movie!” even though it’s not your traditional holiday movie.

Morning and Noon Anchor Justin McLennan says he can’t pick just one Christmas movie to be his favorite, so he picked “his favorite non-Christmas movie,” “Die Hard,” which he described as a “fantastic film that takes place during the month of December.”

Morning and Noon Anchor Harley Benda picked “Elf” as her favorite Christmas movie because “who doesn’t like Will Farrell?” It was also the first Christmas movie she remembers watching and thought the idea of a grown elf was hilarious. Overall, she said it was family-friendly, funny, and had a great plot.

Meteorologist Joshua Redwine also said “Elf” was his favorite holiday movie. To him, it has become a classic that is hilarious and, “a great representation of the joy that the holidays bring.”

Meteorologist Khalil McIver loves “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” saying it’s classic, timeless and never gets old.

Sports Anchor & Reporter Daniel Woods also said his favorite holiday movie to watch was “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” saying he “watched it every year with my family and it always served to kick off the Christmas season when it was on TV.”

Multimedia Journalist Makayla Schindler enjoys the 2000 version of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” starring Jim Carrey because she thinks no matter who you watch with, everyone can get a laugh out of it as well as learn a few lessons along the way. “A couple that I feel are important are the love and joy for Christmas despite gifts. Another would be to not outcast somebody just because you do not understand the way they live. Invite them to dinner and be that person to include them.”

5 and 6 p.m. Producer Matt Wade’s favorite Christmas movie is “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” because it is a must-watch classic during the holiday season. “It’s also one of the best Christmas movies to quote, and will leave you laughing out loud no matter how many times you watch it.”

Digital Executive Producer Sam Kirk says her favorite is “The Polar Express” because it tops the charts in Christmas spirit and “the animation is so bad it’s good.”

Multimedia Journalist Allen Clayton said his favorite movie was “Home Alone,” “Because its full of mischief and adventure as Kevin fights off the bad guys… ‘Buzz’s girlfriend, WOOF!'”

Digital Reporter Sam Gorski‘s favorite Christmas movie is “Home Alone” because “Kevin is an absolute goblin. He completely ruins two grown men. This movie is why you never fight the dragon in its own lair.”

11 p.m. producer Nolan Porterfield also chose “Home Alone” and has been watching the movie his entire life. “I still laugh as hard at it now, as I did when I was a kid. For whatever reason, I still find it amusing today.”

Multimedia Journalist Joe Lint will be watching “Elf” because it’s, “an instant classic and will get anyone in the Christmas spirit. ‘Elf’ has it all with a bit of adventure, comedy, and romance,” and said it is one of Will Ferrell’s best performances.

Digital Producer Christian Meffert‘s favorite Christmas movie is “Elf” because, “Will Ferrell.”

News Director Aaron Williams said his favorite holiday movie was “It’s a Wonderful Life,” which has become a tradition for him to watch on Christmas Eve. “The message is obviously meaningful. The movie has a great cast. I just like that ‘Greatest Generation’ time period. The music, the way they talk, it’s just all good.”