Zip Trip is a series where we pick a zip code out of a hat and search for hidden gems in that area. For this episode, the random zip code is 26570, which is in Fairview, WV.

FAIRVIEW, W.Va. – Our first stop was the Fairview Diner. One of a few restaurants in the area, this diner serves up a selection of American food from breakfast to lunch to dinner to dessert. One of the most popular menu items was the BLT sandwich.

After lunch, we decided to walk around town. Fairview has a small town charm. On the main road, you’ll find a library, a volunteer fire department and a town hall. 

One of the most popular spots in town is Little Dippers Ice Cream Parlor. Little Dippers has 24 flavors of ice cream, but also serves food and other kinds of desserts. 

Our last stop in Fairview was The Potter’s House Art Center. We met up with the owner, Diana Heaney, who teaches art classes here. 

This century old building is a town hub for stain glass, painting, pottery and other art classes, as well as movie showings and day camps.

 “Pottery is my passion,” said Heaney, “Everything else sort of come along because of the need in the community and I felt that we needed a place for people to bring their kids and paint things”

“My whole thought about pottery is that I just want to introduce it to people. It’s like a dying art and I just want to make sure that it doesn’t die and a lot of people continue to do pottery”

Diana Heaney

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