FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) — The owners of Heston Farm say they are working to downsize some of the decor they’ve collected throughout the years while also looking ahead to repurpose the old winery, distillery and restaurant into an event space. That’s why they’re holding an estate sale to benefit WV Caring hospice.

Volunteers are hard at work getting items priced and placed ahead of this Thursday when the property will open to estate sale shoppers. 12 News got a look at some of the items ahead of the event. Items were still being priced Monday, so some of the prices in the pictures below may change once the sale is up and running.

Julie Smith opens a cherry-wood desk’s drawer. Prices stickers and other supplies sit atop a midcentury modern desk. WBOY image.

WV Caring Chief Visionary Officer and Founding President Malene Davis is friends with owner Julie Smith, Ph.D., which is where the partnership for the sale stems from.

Smith has experimented with different decorating styles throughout the years, from southwestern to midcentury modern, and some pieces that are truly unique, like a stool and chair that was custom-painted by a West Virginia artisan.

There are dozens of unique glass items, wooden bowls, and even some pottery that Smith has had since she was still in college.

“When I was a grad student—I think I made $275 a month and I had a friend who had a little pottery shop in downtown Morgantown, and when I’d get my student loan, which at the time, which at the time you were allowed maybe $2,000 once a year—I think you had three or four of them—I went down there and bought one piece of pottery,” Smith said. “And I said ‘When I get my own home, I’m gonna make my kitchen match this, which I did.”

Smith said she has hung on to that pottery ever since, but she and her husband, Mickey Heston, don’t use all of it, which is how some of it found its way into the estate sale.

There are also some local favorites like Fiestaware and Appalachian Gallery items in the mix, as well as some items she purchased during Mountaineer Week.

Since Smith wants to reopen as an event venue, the tables, cabinets, other large furniture, signs or other items on the wall, or light fixtures will not be for sale.

The sale will be held at Heston Farm located at 1602 Tulip Ln. in Fairmont and will last from Thursday, Aug. 18 until Saturday, Aug. 27, or until all the items sell out. Cash or credit cards are preferred and all purchases must be picked up on the same day they are purchased. The hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on weekends.

Proceeds will go to support WV Caring.

What does WV Caring Hospice do?

WV Caring has locations in Morgantown, Fairmont, Burtonsville, Grafton, a small hospital for hospice patients in Elkins and in the Eleanor Roosevelt Building in Arthurdale.

Hospice, according to Davis, provides more than just end-of-life care at home for those with a terminal illness. Its teams include nurses, doctors and certified nursing assistants as well as social workers, chaplains and community volunteers.

Davis said the organization helps coordinate patients’ medications, get them the resources they need and communicate with their doctors so that they

“We want someone to live each day to its fullest,” Davis said. “We know if you are having pain, if you’re having symptoms out of control, you’re coughing all the time or you have GI symptoms and things like that going on, you really can’t get accomplished what you want to get accomplished, so part of our work […] is to assemble this team and to really figure out, what are you worried about, what are you thinking, how’s the family doing? How are you feeling? What would you like to do?”

Davis said if possible, she likes to see hospice patients out of bed, dressed and doing things. The organization has made it possible for an eight-year-old girl to go sledding with her sisters and the rest of her family even though it was early October by going to the Wisp Resort, where they could make snow.

“She died, then, in November,” Davis said. “But for that day, she was just an eight-year-old out having some fun with her [family].”

Another patient, who was 16 got to have a prom because of WV Caring.

“She has cystic fibrosis and her oxygen was over there and she has this beautiful gown on and she’s dancing with her dad,” Davis said. “And so that’s what we want to be known for. We want people living.”

WV Caring is currently updating its list of paid caregivers that families in need can hire, after a check of their references. Those who are interested in being caregivers are encouraged to1-800-350-1161 or email Msmith1@wvcaring.org.