CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — With football season well underway and basketball season officially starting last week, it’s now one of the most important times to have a well-stocked fridge for game-day. But, if you’re looking for some cheap beer for your tailgate or watch party, where will you end up paying the most for your beer?

To find the average price of beer in each state, Alcohol Delivered says it gathered the prices of 24-packs of Miller Lite and Bud Light from 10 ZIP codes in each state. A mix of rural and urban areas was used in the survey, and prices were rounded to the nearest cent. Alcohol Delivered also notes that these prices do not include any external fees or taxes.

West Virginia actually comes in toward the middle of the pack as the country’s 22nd least expensive beer at $19.49, just under the national average of $20.37. The most expensive beer in the country by far can be found in Alaska, which averages $33.62 for a 24-pack of beer, more than double the cheapest average pack of beer, which can be found in Illinois for $16.43.

Of course, if you’re looking for game-day beers that are made in West Virginia, you can go here to read about the newest local beers brewed this fall.

StateCost per 24-pack of beer
1. Illinois$16.43
2. South Carolina$16.54
3. New York$16.72
4. Rhode Island$17.26
5. Kansas$17.30
6. Michigan$17.30
7. North Carolina$17.30
8. Arizona$17.48
9. Connecticut$17.77
10. Virginia$18.18
11. Indiana$18.21
12. Missouri$18.51
13. New Hampshire$18.54
14. Iowa$18.58
15. Florida$18.59
16. Oklahoma$18.94
17. New Mexico$19.06
18. California$18.30
19. Minnesota$18.41
20. Arkansas$19.44
21. Colorado$19.49
22. West Virginia$19.49
23. South Dakota$19.54
24. Massachusetts$19.62
25. Wisconsin$19.62
26. Utah$19.71
27. Nebraska$19.95
28. Georgia$20.25
29. Idaho$20.26
30. Mississippi$20.26
31. Kentucky$20.45
32. Delaware$20.51
33. Ohio$20.54
34. New Jersey$20.84
35. North Dakota$21
36. Alabama$21.17
37. Maine$21.17
38. Louisiana$21.59
39. Texas$21.72
40. Maryland$22.04
41. Washington$22.26
42. Oregon$22.51
43. Nevada$22.62
44. Pennsylvania$23.21
45. Vermont$23.25
46. Tennessee$24.03
47. Montana$24.06
48. Hawaii$24.17
49. Wyoming$28.78
50. Alaska$33.62