CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — If you enjoy beer and are looking for something fresh and new to try in your area, this is the place for you.

There are at least 32 different breweries in the state of West Virginia. That’s 32 breweries that are all constantly experimenting with new flavors, techniques and ingredients to implement into their beer.

New Brews is a new regular column that will tell you about all the newest brews coming from West Virginia’s local breweries and where you can find them. From lagers to stouts, to IPAs and amber ales, there are brews on this list for every kind of beer drinker.

So here are the latest and greatest new and seasonal beers coming to a bar, taphouse or store near you in September and October of 2022.

Chestnut Brew Works – Morgantown, W.Va.

Bloob 4.8% Fruited Blonde Ale

Bloob from Chestnut Brew Works (WBOY image)

We start with a simple base beer made with malted barley, and we add flaked oats for a creamy mouth feel. After fermentation is complete, we add a generous amount of blueberry puree that gives the beer a purple color and pleasant blueberry aroma and flavor.

Availability: This rotational beer can currently be found in cans or on draft at the Chestnut Brew Works taphouse in Morgantown, Black Bear in Evansdale, Apothecary Ale House, Pies and Pints, Kegler’s Sports Bar and Mountain State Brewing Co.

Oktoberfest – 5.2% Festbier

Oktoberfest is a traditional German style lager that uses Munich malts to create a malty German pilsner.

Availability: This beer will be available Sept. 26 – Oct. 2 at the CBW taproom and at Von Blaze in Morgantown in collaboration with their Oktoberfest menu.

To learn more about Bloob and Chestnut Brew Works, you can read our in-depth interview on this edition’s featured brewery.

Turn & Fall (Courtesy: Short Story Brewing)

Short Story Brewing – Rivesville, W.Va.

Turn & Fall – 6% Märzen

Our take on a traditional Oktoberfest. Malty notes of caramel with a crisp, slightly dry finish.

Availability: This beer is available now through the end of October at the Short Story Brewing taphouse in Rivesville, Apothecary Ale House, Black Bear, Table 9 and Von Blaze in Morgantown.

Charleston Nano Brewery – Charleston, W.Va.

Mosaic Freedom – 7% IPA

Mosaic Freedom (Courtesy: Charleston Nano Brewery)

This IPA is described as being malty and fruity, but not as bitter as you might expect an IPA to be. It’s brewed with all mosaic hops, which is a hop variety known for its floral, tropical, and citrus notes.

Availability: This is a staple addition that can be found at the Charleston Nano Brewery Taphouse.

Elktoberfest 8% Festbier

“A traditional fest style beer, at 8% ABV it gets the party started, available cask only during OktoberWest.”

A festbier is a style unique to Oktoberfest that is similar in appearance to many lagers but with more hop and malt flavor.

Availability: In the Charleston Nano Brewery Taphouse during OktoberWest, an Octoberfest and craft beer festival held at the Elk City District in Charleston on Sept. 24. Tickets for the event are available for purchase here.

1788 Pils – 5.5% Pilsner

Clean pilsner that’s not too malty or dry but hits the spot with a finish that has you coming back for more!”

Availability: This is a staple addition that can be found at the Charleston Nano Brewery Taphouse.

The Freefolk Brewery – Fayetteville, W.Va.

Cerulean Warbler (Courtesy: The Freefolk Brewery)

Cerulean Warbler – 5.2% Farmhouse Ale

“This is a seasonal Blueberry Lavender Farmhouse Ale, using locally grown blueberries from A Farm Called Crow in Fayetteville, WV. It’s lightly sweet, with a deep floral richness from the lavender.”

This beer is part of the Wild and Free Series, which highlights regionally endangered species, and part of the proceeds are donated to local organizations working to protect the various species. This particular brew highlights the Cerulean Warbler, a migratory bird that has a primary habitat throughout oak trees in the Appalachian region.

Availability: Seasonal-only and available for a limited time at The Freekfolk Brewery taphouse

Trucker Speed 7.8% Imperial IPA

Trucker Speed (Courtesy: The Freefolk Brewery)

“It’s a bold, hop-forward Imperial IPA. It’s bittered with hop oils used during the boil, consisting of a combo of Chinook, El Dorado, and Warrior hop oils, and then additionally dry-hopped with Mosaic hops. It’s balanced with bold citrus and juicy flavors on the back-end.

Trucker Speed is one of Freefolk Brewery’s flagship IPAs and the most popular overall. It also recently won Best IPA at the Great Beckley Beer Festival.

Availability: Fayetteville: The Freekfolk Brewery taphouse, some restaurants, Studio B. Charleston: Lola’s, The Pitch, Buffalo Wilf Wings, Barkada’s. Kanawha City: Drug Emporium. Barboursville: – Drug Emporium. Morgantown: Everyday’s a Party, Ashebrooke Liquor Store, several bars and restaurants.

Bridge Brew Works – Fayetteville, W.Va.

Oktoberfest beer (Courtesy: Bridge Brew Works)

Oktoberfest – 5.6% Märzen

A refreshing medium-bodied lager with a balanced and complex malt and hop flavor. This clear, medium amber has a clean aroma with light caramel malt and a hit of hops.

Availability: This seasonal beer is available every year from September through November, and has a limited distribution in kegs or at the Bridge Brew Works taproom.

Pillow Rock Pilsner – 4.9% German Pilsner

This is described as a crisp pilsner that features a premium German pils maltiness balanced by German Noble hops.

Embracing Risk: Dragonfruit/Mango (Courtesy: Amani Brewing)

Availability: This yearly seasonal beer is available now through mid-October, and can be found at the Bridge Brew Works taproom.

Amani Brewing – Martinsburg, W.Va.

Embracing Risk: Dragonfruit/Mango – 5.5% Fruited Sour

This hot pink sour has notes of kiwi, pear and mango.

Availability: This beer is currently available for a limited time at the Amani Brewing taproom.

Through the Galaxy (Courtesy: Amani Brewing)

Through the Galaxy – 8.1% New England IPA

This all Galaxy beer has notes of passionfruit, peach and citrus

Availability: Through the Galaxy is currently available for a limited time at the Amani Brewing taproom.

Screech Owl Brewing – Bruceton Mills, W.Va.

Class III Whitewater IPA – 6.9% IPA

Class III Whitewater IPA (Courtesy: Screech Owl Brewing)

“An amber-colored west coast style IPA. 55 IBU without a lingering hops bite. A very well-balanced IPA that leaves you wanting another one.”

Availability: This beer is available year-round at many bars, restaurants and convenience stores in the Clarksburg, Fairmont and Morgantown areas.

High Ground Brewing – Terra Alta, W.Va.

Famous Monster – 5.9% Märzen

“A beautiful reddish-copper color with bright clarity. Aromas of caramel, toffee, toast, chocolate, and coffee. For flavor, up front there are notes of caramel, biscuit, bitter chocolate, and coffee with a finish that is clean and dry with biscuit and cracker.

Famous Monster (Courtesy: High Ground Brewing


  • Barboursville – 1861 Public House, Oscar’s Breakfast, Burgers, and Brews
  • Bluefield – The Rail Yard
  • Bridgeport – Meagher’s Irish Pub and Stone Tower Brews
  • Charleston – The Wine Shop (canned)
  • Fairmont – The Rambling Root
  • Huntington – Summit Beer Station
  • Keyser – North Branch Brewing Company
  • Morgantown – Black Bear Burritos, Pies & Pints, Mountain Mama’s, Everyday’s a Party (canned), and River Birch Cafe (canned)
  • Teays Valley – The Pallet Bar (cans and draft)
  • Terra Alta – Sophie’s Serendipity

This beer will also be available at several festivals:

  • Alpine Lake Oktoberfest – Sept. 17
  • Grantsville (Garrett County, MD) Lions Club Oktoberfest – Oct. 1
  • Washington County Agricultural Fairgrounds, MD Quad State Beer Fest – Oct. 1
  • Huntington Mall Corks and Kegs – Oct. 15
  • Summersville Oktoberfest – Oct. 22
Regular Beer (Courtesy: The Rambling Root)

The Rambling Root – Fairmont, W.Va.

Regular Beer – 4.5% cream ale

“Nice light regular beer”

Although not a brand new beer, Regular Beer is a Rambling Root staple and is certainly worth giving a try.

Availability: The rambling Root taproom

Fife Street Brewing – Charleston, W.Va.

Chuck’s P-51 Porter – 7.4% American Robust Porter

Chuck’s P-51 Porter (Courtesy: Fife Street Brewing)

“As one of our four mainline beers, Chuck’s P-51 Porter was a quick staff favorite and proved to be popular out of the taproom as well by bringing home Best of the Fest at Rails and Ales, West Virginia’s biggest beer festival. The beer itself is jet black with a tan and creamy head which offers aromas of chocolate, toasted bread crust, coffee, and notes of dark berries. The flavor profile is decidedly malt forward with a roasty chocolate finish and is balanced with a pleasant bitterness.

Availability: This beer is available year-round at the Fife Street Brewing taproom, with bar and restaurant distribution coming later this fall.

Clendenin Brewing Co. – Clendenin, W.Va.

Mothgirl IPA (Courtesy: Clendenin Brewing Co.)

Mothgirl – 6.4% Juicy IPA

“Juicy IPA with complex hop flavors without the overpowering bitterness.”

This IPA is a staple for Clendenin Brewing Co., a brewery that opened this year on June 25.

Availability: Clendenin Brewery Taproom

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