CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — A recent study from HomeAdvisor found that cottages are the most popular style of house in West Virginia. The data comes from a survey that was sent out in May. Cottages were also the overall most popular choice with 11% of survey respondents saying that house style is most attractive.

The study also found that there was a generational gap in favorite home types. Baby boomers and Gen X respondents tended to prefer the craftsman style, while millennials lean toward contemporary and Gen Z favors the cottage.

The survey also asked what style of homes respondents would like to never see again. Adobe style houses were the number one least favorite style in America with 14% of respondents showing a distaste for the Southwestern style. Adobe style was followed by Contemporary and Townhouses, which have a 12% and 11% dislike rate, respectively.

But, according to the survey, it’s the inside that counts, as 76% of respondents indicated that they would consider buying a home that was ugly on the outside but perfect on the inside.

The respondents were split on whether vintage or new houses were best, with 46% preferring vintage and 54% preferring new.

Finally, respondents voted on what part of the exterior mattered the most to them. Taking the number one spot is the porch with 29% of the votes, followed by windows with 24%. 17% sided with the siding and lastly, 11% considered the deck the most important.

The survey had 2,263 participants. Of that, 35% were men, 62% were women, and 3% identified as non-binary or preferred not to say. In terms of generation, 13% were baby boomers, 24% were Gen X, 45% were millennials and 17% were Gen Z.