MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — Have you ever looked at a house and wondered, “is that too much wallpaper?” Well, for the realtor and owner of 58 Sherman Ave. in Morgantown, West Virginia, the answer is there is no such thing.

Alethea Wise, with Compass Realty Group, is selling a home she and her family renovated with the intention of living there themselves. The 100-year-old house sat vacant for more than 30 years before the family took it in with the intention of making it a home and moving back to West Virginia after spending years in Rhode Island. Wise told 12 News that they began the project at the beginning of the pandemic, and issues with supply chains and labor made the year-and-a-half renovation slow. The family, which “flips” houses together often, did a lot of projects themselves.

Wise said that the family group, which is made up of herself and her husband and daughters, does a lot of renovations, but few with as many bold design choices as this one. In total, the house has at least 20 unique wallpapers and wall textures, including a striped ceiling, an Audrey Hepburn entryway, a Star Wars bedroom, and a glittery geode kitchen.

Wise said she would never add so many vibrant walls into a normal investment home, but because she had planned to stay in this one herself, she chose things she likes—color and vibrant patterns. In the four-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom house, the only places that don’t have exciting wallpaper are the main stairwell, two bonus rooms in the basement and the outside of the house.

You would never guess what’s on the inside from looking at 58 Sherman Avenue (Courtesy)

In addition to giving the house her own style, Wise said she tried to keep as much of the original woodwork as possible and chose to keep a few of the old radiators for aesthetic reasons even though the house has an upgraded furnace. The unique checkerboard strained wood in the dining room was also a family project.

At this point, you’re probably asking, “If she made the house for herself, why is she selling it?” The family found another project, an alternate dream home which they lovingly call “the mansion” to renovate and move into instead.

If you’re interested in buying or seeing 58 Sherman Ave., you can see the full listing here and access Alethea Wise’s contact information here.