CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — If you’re feeling spooky for Friday the 13th, what better way to celebrate than with some West Virginia cryptid legends? Here are some of our favorite ones to read on WBOY’s Paranormal W.Va.

The Legend of Mothman

One of West Virginia’s most famous cryptids, Mothman, is a black 10-foot creature with wings and red eyes. He was first spotted in 1966 and legend says that Mothman’s most famous appearance was on the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant right before it collapsed, killing 46 people. Since then, he has become a sort of mascot for West Virginia. Read the full Legend of Mothman here.

Webster County “Abbagoochie” Myth

Webster Springs was in an uproar in the early 2000s after the Webster Echo reported that the Abbagoochie, a dog-sizes Costa Rican species described as “dry-land piranhas” were roaming the area. The report said that the creature, despite its size, was capable of eating animals as big as horses. Read the full story here.

Ogua Monster

The Ogua Monster is said to be a 10-20 foot giant alligator snapping turtle-like creature that lives in Marion County. Legend says that it was originally spotted in 1745 when it pulled a 12-year-old into the water.

Two Fairmont area fishermen recount the story of going night catfishing in 2019 only to see something much more terrifying, and they think it could have been Ogua. In a 12 News exclusive interview, Nate Moreno and Jake Byers give a first-hand account of the creature they saw, a 10-foot creature swimming upstream on the surface of the West Fork River faster than any kind of fish they knew.

Blennerhassett ghosts

Anything with the name Blennerhasset in Parkersburg, West Virginia probably has a ghost to go along with it. Guests and staff at the Blennerhasset Hotel, the oldest hotel in West Virginia, have reported seeing industrial-era ghosts, including children riding tricycles, vaudevillians, men wearing top hats and bowler hats and “the woman in the elevator.” Read about ghost tales from the Blennerhassett Hotel.

The namesake of the hotel also had both an island and a shady past that left ghosts in their wake. Harman and Margaret Blennerhassett were forced to leave their island and mansion behind when Harman was arrested and imprisoned with famous American fugitive Aaron Burr. The ghosts of Native Americans as well as Margaret and her children have been spotted on the island, and the mansion, which has been rebuilt on its original foundation can still be visited. Read the full story of Blennerhassett Island here.

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