CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — It’s a question everyone gets asked at least once during the holiday season—”What’s your favorite Christmas movie?”

At 12 News, we get a lot of releases from various outlets about what our state’s favorite Christmas movie is, often based on Google search data. One of them recently caught our eye, claiming that “Mixed Nuts” is West Virginia’s “favorite” ’90s Christmas movie. But this reporter is not convinced.

So, we decided we would do our own poll to see what really is the number one Christmas movie in West Virginia. Below are 19 of the most popular Christmas movies out there. There isn’t enough space for every Christmas movie ever made, so there is a chance your favorite may not be listed. In that case, be sure to post a lengthy Facebook comment on our page when this article is posted there.

If your favorite movie is in a series, like Home Alone 2 or The Santa Clause 3, feel free to vote for the originals instead.