CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — We asked the women of 12 News, “How can I get a last-minute gift without looking like a complete bozo?”

Christmas is only days away, and believe me, you are not the only guy (or gal) out there who is still struggling to find a gift for that special someone. It happens every year, but there’s never been an easy solution… until now.

Now, all women are different, but here is some general guidance for getting a gift that is still meaningful, even if it’s last minute.

*NOT* a vacuum or appliance! (unless they ask for one)

Seriously, a vacuum basically screams, “Hey I’m so excited for you to do all the chores this year that I bought you a new vacuum to do them even better!” The same goes for a new blender or something like that. At best, this should be a gift for the pair of you if one recently broke.

Tickets to a show or event

This one is perfect because it’s something you can both do together, and if the event is months away, she’ll never know you bought them the day before. All you need to do is print out the tickets or the proof of purchase, disguise them in a box, and BAM, you just got yourself some new memories with your significant other.

Just make sure YOU are the one who actually plans the trip if it’s in another city or out of state, otherwise you’re just getting her something else for her to plan, and that’s not a gift she’ll appreciate!

When in doubt, candles

Most people love a good candle. They can be relaxing, can set the mood, are good at parties, and are just generally pleasant to have around. Think about foods or smells she likes and go off that. You don’t want to get her a cinnamon-scented candle if she doesn’t like cinnamon.

Nice jewelry (but stay in budget!)

Who isn’t going to enjoy a new piece of jewelry? It’s something they can wear around and always remember what they mean to you. However, this comes with a big caveat. DO NOT break the bank, especially if you are married and share a bank account, otherwise, they will think about what else the pair of you could have done with the money.

And if you are going to spend $500 on a piece of jewelry, at least make sure it’s something they will actually like, let them pick it out.

Thoughtful gift card + date night

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a gift card, just get it for something she will actually use and enjoy. If you get her one for a restaurant, plan a night out and make the most out of your evening. Ways to spend quality time with each other are always a good idea. Maybe the pair of you would enjoy an afternoon at the spa,

Food over flowers

Now, flowers are nice and all, but most women don’t feel the need to drop $80 on a bouquet of flowers when just one will get the point across. Save the money and take her out to dinner instead.

Post-Christmas shopping trip

There are always lots of great deals and clearance sales after Christmas at almost every department store. Plan a budget and go shopping together, and as a bonus, you can promise not to complain about how long she’s taking in the dressing room.

Well, that’s all the sage advice the ladies at 12 News had to offer. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, and sometimes, less is more. Good luck!