DUBLIN, IRELAND (WBOY) — A French Bulldog who was stolen from her family in Ireland more than two years ago, has been reunited with her owners.

An adorable video shows the Bulldog, Baya, being handed to her family in an emotional exchange on Jan 14. According to the Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DCPCA), Baya was found in a busy street in Dublin, and when they checked her microchip, they discovered that she was listed as “lost/stolen” two years prior from a family located more than 125 miles away.

Oliver and the family dog (Courtesy: Halie Kutscher)

Earlier this year, a cat who lived in Clarksburg miraculously made its way all the way to Morgantown after its family moved there, assumingly walking more than 40 miles to be reunited with his owners. A microchip later confirmed that the identical cat that showed up at the family’s new house was, in fact, their lost cat Oliver.

Microchipping is putting an identifying tag under a pet’s skin on its back that can be scanned to get information on the animal and its owner. Microchipping allows you to find lost pets, gives contact information to anyone who finds your pet, and can keep your dog or cat from being stolen.

In north central West Virginia, most shelter animals are microchipped prior to adoption, and pets that are not chipped can get the procedure at a vets office for about $50. Places that offer microchips in north central West Virginia include:

  • All Pets Animal Clinic in Nutter Fort
  • Harrison Central Veterinary Hospital in Bridgeport
  • Hickman Run Animal Hospital in Fairmont
  • Morgantown Veterinary Care, P.L.L.C. in Morgantown
  • Mountainland Animal Hospital in Kingwood
  • Paw Prints Veterinary Clinic PLLC in Morgantown
  • Ritchie County Vet Clinic in Harrisville
  • Weston Vet Hospital in Weston

(Video courtesy DSPCA via Storyful)