CLARKSBURG, W.Va (WBOY) – The 2022 Nursing Home Report by Nice Rx has been released and says that less than 3% of West Virginia’s nursing homes are top-rated.

West Virginia has 123 totally nursing homes, and U.S. News reported that only three—Columbia St. Francis in Charleston, United Transitional Care Center in Bridgeport, and Weirton Medical Center in Weirton—had a five out of five rating. Each of these nursing homes have fewer than 35 beds, according to U.S. News.

U.S. News also reported that 35 of West Virginia’s nursing homes are considered worse than average and seven are being monitored by Medicare due to a history of low quality care. An additional five homes were not ranked due to lack of data.

With only 2.44% with a top-tier rating, West Virginia has the 44th best nursing homes in the U.S., according to Nice Rx. Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Oklahoma and Arkansas all have an even lower percentage of five out of five nursing homes, with the bottom five having a percentage below 2% and Arkansas bottoming out the list at 0%. However, South Carolina, Florida and Arizona have the most searches for nursing home neglect lawyers.

The states with the most five out of five nursing homes are Hawaii, Alaska and Maine, which have a rate over 30% for top-rated facilities, according to Rx. Alaska has an exceptional rate of 67.44%.