CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — West Virginia was the 13th most popular moving destination for one moving company in 2022.

United Van Lines released its 26th Annual National Movers Study and found that only 43% of its West Virginia moves last year were outbound, while 57% were inbound.

It moved 334 total shipments in West Virginia, 192 of which were inbound.

Of those incoming movers surveyed, United Van Lines found one-third of those moving to the state said retirement was their primary reason for leaving, 28.57% said the cost of living was their primary reason and another 28.57% said they wanted to be closer to family.

In comparison, 58.33% of outbound movers said that their primary reason for leaving was a job, and 29.17% said they were leaving to be closer to family.

Most of the movers that United Van Lines surveyed were older, with those age 65 and older making up 40% of those surveyed, and those between 55 and 64 making up another 40%. Only 13.33% were 45 to 54, and 6.67% were 35 to 44. Zero percent of the movers United Van Lines surveyed were younger than 35, although, United Van Lines offers serviced moves rather than truck rentals, which could account for the 0% figure.

The top inbound states of the year for United Van Lines were:

  1. Vermont 
  2. Oregon 
  3. Rhode Island 
  4. South Carolina 
  5. Delaware 
  1. North Carolina 
  2. Washington, D.C. 
  3. South Dakota 
  4. New Mexico 
  5. Alabama 

The top outbound states were:

  1. New Jersey
  2. Illinois
  3. New York
  4. Michigan
  5. Wyoming
  1. Pennsylvania 
  2. Massachusetts 
  3. Nebraska 
  4. Louisiana 
  5. California 

There is a joint public-private effort to attract more people to the state, including programs like Ascend West Virginia, which pays people with remote-work jobs $12,000 to move to West Virginia. Elkins just became the fourth city participating in the program last year.

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