CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – According to a recent study from WalletHub, Morgantown, W.Va. is among the most over-leveraged cities when it comes to student loan debt.

While a part of the 1 percentile, Morgantown’s overall ranking on the list places it as the 13th worst city in the nation for student loan debt.

With a total of $1.61 trillion, roughly $37,000 per borrower, student loans are the second highest form of household debt after mortgages.

To achieve their findings, WalletHub “divided the median student-loan balance (based on TransUnion data from September 2021) by the median earnings of adults aged 25 and older with a bachelor’s degree in more than 2,510 U.S. cities.”

Each sample only considers the city proper and excludes cities in any surrounding metro area.

Then, 100 points were assigned to the city with the highest ratio of student debt to earnings and 0 points to the city with the lowest. Cities in between were linearly extrapolated between the two extremes.

National Map of Student Loan Debts by City:

Source: WalletHub

Ten Most Over-leveraged Cities in WV (According to WalletHub):

Percentile RankCityMedian Student DebtMedian Earnings of Bachelor’s Degree HoldersRatio of Student Debt to Median Earnings of Bachelor’s Degree Holders
1Morgantown, WV$26,669

Clarksburg, WV$21,528$36,35059.22%

Beckley, WV$24,029$41,42458.01%

Huntington, WV$23,352$40,68857.39%

Parkersburg, WV$20,657$36,74256.22%

Princeton, WV$20,500$37,22655.07%

Fairmont, WV$22,763$45,56649.96%

Wheeling, WV$18,135$39,08946.39%

St. Albans, WV$19,364$41,76146.37%

Charleston, WV$20,736$46,65344.45%
*1st Percentile = Most Overleveraged
**”Bachelor’s Degree Holders” refers to adults aged 25 and older with a bachelor’s degree.

The list stated that Hurricane, W.Va. is the least over-leveraged place in all of West Virginia for student debt, placing it at the 62 percentile.

Hurricane, WV$22,092$62,10035.57%