CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Super Bowl LVI is on Sunday, Feb. 13, and a new ranking has named Pittsburgh and Morgantown among the best cities for football.

According to a WalletHub ranking, Pittsburgh, home of the Steelers, is the best city for football fans; Morgantown, which is known for its West Virginia University college football loyalty, was ranked 55th out of the 245 top cities. In order to determine the ranking, criteria for professional and college football were used, such as team success, ticket prices, stadium accessibility and fan loyalty.

Pittsburgh was ranked 1st for pro football and 7th for college while Morgantown was ranked last for pro football, tied with a number of other cities that don’t have teams, and 30th for college football. The top college football city was Tuscaloosa, Al., according to the ranking. When cities were broken into categories based on size, Morgantown was ranked 18th for small football cities. Mountaineer fans might be surprised that Huntington, home of the Thundering Herd, beat Morgantown by two positions at 53rd overall.

Pittsburgh was tied with Green Bay, Wis. for most engaged football fans. Out of a perfect score of 100, the home of the Pittsburg Steelers scored 62.58.

The top pro cities were Pittsburgh, Dallas and Green Bay, and the top college cities were Tuscaloosa, Clemson and Fayette, Miss.