CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Most people know about “Turkey Trots,” road races that take place on or around Thanksgiving, but according to a collection of geotagged Tweets, West Virginia has the least interest in Turkey Trots in the nation.

BodyNutrition created a geotag map based on Twitter searches of Thanksgiving race keywords such as “Turkey Trot,” “Thanksgiving 5K” and “Thanksgiving run.” It found that in general, more southern states with warmer temperatures tend to be more interested in Turkey Trots than northern, colder states. West Virginia, which sits in the middle of the county from north to south, seems to be the exception.

(BodyNutrition image)

States just south of West Virginia are the most interested in running on Thanksgiving, according to the geotag. Virginia and Tennessee were ranked top two states with the most Turkey Trot interest. Other states excited about holiday races are Texas, Nebraska and New Jersey.

Northern states like Michigan, Alaska and Maine also show little interest in running on Thanksgiving. Turns out these states and West Virginia would rather spend their holiday doing other activities.

Despite West Virginia not seeming to care about Thanksgiving races, several have still taken place across the state in 2021. According to Running in the USA, at least 19 5K races have already taken place in West Virginia this November, including the recent Belington Wellness Center Turkey Trot 5K which was held in Barbour County. Other north central West Virginia towns also host regular annual Turkey Trots including Morgantown, Shinnston and Buckhannon.