CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — As Independence Day nears, WalletHub got in the spirit by ranking states based on their levels of independence and West Virginia is near the bottom.

This comes after another WalletHub ranked the Mountain State as the nation’s worst economy, which prompted Gov. Jim Justice to call the study’s makers “liberal fruitcakes.”

Other WalletHub studies concluded West Virginia was the least fun state in the union and in the bottom 10 for best places to take a road trip, though another WalletHub study found West Virginia was the second-best state for racial equality in education.

This latest study ranked states based on financial dependency, government dependency, job-market dependency, international trade dependency and vice dependency.

The list was topped by Utah, Colorado, Massachusetts, Virginia and Nebraska. Bringing up the back were West Virginia, South Carolina, Alaska, Mississippi, Louisiana and Kentucky.

Source: WalletHub

While West Virginia ranked 44th in financial dependency, 49th in government dependency, and 44th in vice dependency, it ranked higher in job market dependency: 39th and in international trade dependency where it was only 18th.

The Mountain State was dead last in its percentage of households with rainy day and emergency funds and in median household income. Of note, WalletHub said the study did adjust median household income for differences in cost of living.

West Virginia was not in the bottom five for any of the “vice” categories that WalletHub broke down—the percentage of adult drug users, percentage of adults with gambling addictions or percentage of adult binge drinkers.

The states with the highest percentage of adult drug users—Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Oregon and Vermont—have all legalized recreational marijuana, and Colorado, Oregon and Washington have effectively or formally decriminalized drug possession.

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