CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — As West Virginia University, commonly known as one of the top party schools in the country, begins the fall semester, a study has revealed the drinking game that West Virginians prefer the most.

According to Google search data compiled by Solitaire Bliss, of the 13 options that were included, West Virginia’s preferred drinking game is flip cup. Other games that were edged out include beer pong, cornhole and king’s cup.

The U.S. has a different taste in drinking games than West Virginia. The search data revealed that America’s favorite drinking game is king’s cup—also known as Waterfall, Circle of Death or Ring of Fire—followed by beer pong and bocce.

The states surrounding West Virginia have diverse preferences for drinking games, according to the list. Ohio and Virginia prefer kan jam, Pennsylvania likes true American, Maryland’s favorite is bocce, and Kentucky likes to play cornhole while drinking.

Keep in mind that the ranking is based on how much each game was searched in each state, not how much the games after actually played. This means that more complicated games like true American where people would have to search the rules or games that require equipment like cornhole and kan jam could be boosted just because people are more likely to Google them.