CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – West Virginia buys pumpkin spice items at the highest rate in the county according to an Instacart study.

Pumpkin spice season is on the horizon. But many people, including West Virginians, are already enjoying a taste of fall. The seasonal flavor made its grand debut in the form of latté and cold brew offerings around the nation, but the trend has expanded to all kinds of snacks and drinks. Instacart set out to find out which pumpkin spice food and beverage products people are buying and what states are buying them the most.

The mountain state is 122% more likely to buy pumpkin spice products than the national average. Even though the states in the southeast and midwest are more likely to buy pumpkin spice than western states, West Virginia still came out on top by a sizeable margin compared to surrounding states. The second highest consumer of pumpkin spice was Iowa, which buys the flavor at a 90% higher rate than the national average.

The lowest pumpkin spice consumers in the county were Hawaii and Washington D.C.

Instacart also found that coffee is still pumpkin spice’s main platform, but other snacks are getting popular as well.

These numbers were provided by Instacart and only include pumpkin spice products that were purchased through the grocery delivery service. For the full analysis and methodology, click here.